Child Protection Policy 2016

Code of Conduct – General Guidelines for the School Community

Code of Conduct for Staff
Healthy Food Policy
First Aid and Medication Policy
Student Attendance Policy
School Dress Code Policy
Homework Policy
Positive Guidance Policy
Positive Grievance Resolution Policy
Student Grievance Policy
Birthday Celebration Guide
SunSmart Policy
Critical Incident Management Policy
Inclusion and Equity Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Enrolment Policy
ICT Policy

Student Absence Procedure – The onus is on parents to inform the school about student absence, late arrival or early pick up. In the event that a child has not arrived at school and the school has not been informed, the school will phone Parent/Carer listed #1 and #2 on their mobile phones and if unanswered, on work and home phones. Times of calls will be recorded. If direct contact is not made, a member of the leadership will make a decision regarding ongoing parental contact or police contact.

ELC Policies
Healthy Eating and Food Handling Policy
The Traffic Light System at Preschool
Incident, Injury,Trauma and Illness Policy
Incident Injury Trauma and Illness Appendix