Judy and Amelia’s class

It was great to see so many families at the Karawatha Picnic and at our AGM.

Our focus this term in Cultural Studies was on Australia and the children have loved being able to share places around Australia where they have visited and that are special to them. We have spent time learning about the special emblems that represent different states and territories, the holidays that we celebrate and commemorate, the meanings and history behind our national anthem and our flags. We have even debated whether the date of Australia Day and the national anthem should be changed.

We have been working across the year levels on Number with each maths group taking on different challenges. Eloise and Adelle from our Red group counted the number of counters that spilled out when they knocked a container over by grouping them in tens and counting the tens and then ones. Liam and Max from the Blue group started at 1 and then kept doubling until they were in the millions. Yellow group carefully laid out the long bead chain to explore numbers to 1000.

We have also worked with different mediums to create some wonderful artwork to tie in with our Australia theme.

We hope everyone has a restful and enjoyable Easter and school holidays.

Judy, Amelia and Danielle.