The school was set up by parents and teachers and continues to be managed by a Board of Governors, elected from the parent body, at the Annual General Meeting in March each year.

While the principal and staff have direct responsibility for the day to day running of the school, the Board oversees and ensures the sound financial management of the Centre as a whole.

The Board markets the school in the community and is also central in decisions regarding future planning. Through its committees and work groups, the Board directs the fundraising and social events for each year.

For these reasons all parents are strongly encouraged to consider serving on the Board at some time during their child’s time at the school. The Board meetings are held twice per term and minutes are available to members on request.

For more information please take the time to review our Board of Governors Handbook and current Strategic Directions documents.

Current Board Members:

President Carmel Maher
Vice President Kelly Evans
Treasurer Ray Rootsey
Principal Noel Browne
Member Claire Smith
Member Matthew Fossey
Member Branden Emmerson
Member James McEwan
Member Anne Britton

Assistant Principal Heather McInerney
Business Manager David Anderson
Secretary Danielle Johncock
Staff Nominee Karen Vianello