Positions Vacant

Thank you for your interest in working at Southern Montessori School.

Principal – Head of School

Southern Montessori School is a small, coeducational school of approximately 240 students, educating children from birth to age 15 across 2 campuses.

Situated in Southern Adelaide, our school has undergone a period of significant growth over the past 6 years with the establishment of both our Baby Steps and Middle School programs. This year saw the opening of our brand new innovative adolescent campus and the development of our contemporary 5 year Strategic Plan.

Commencing in January 2020, we are seeking a dynamic and inspirational educator with a genuine passion to lead the school into this next important stage. As the face of our school you will be a progressive, charismatic, community-minded leader with strong communication skills that has the enthusiasm to inspire those around you.

Having a background in the Montessori philosophy would be an advantage, but anyone with an enthusiasm to embrace the methodology will be genuinely considered. You will be supported with the appropriate education required to excel in this role.

  • Have a passion for working with children and families in a supportive, holistic manner
  • Have the ability to oversee the personalised approach to learning that is a hallmark of the Montessori philosophy
  • Have an extensive depth and breadth of teaching, leadership and governance experience
  • Be committed to support, develop and motivate our strong and established team of educators
  • Work constructively and collaboratively with the Board of Governors and staff to implement our strategic plan




  • Demonstrate an understanding of Montessori philosophy and its benefits
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage and implement an authentic Montessori program
  • Willingness to undertake additional training as needed

Vision and Leadership

  • Create a culture of support and collaboration within a learning community focused on continual improvement and positive growth
  • Demonstrate an ability to monitor and lead a motivated, passionate and innovative team to deliver high quality educational outcomes

Organisational Management

  • Understand and implement all necessary legislative and regulatory requirements including clear, evidence-based plans and policies.
    Demonstrate an ability to manage the school’s resources efficiently through strong financial management and business knowledge

Community Engagement

  • Demonstrate a capacity to develop positive relationships with all members of the school community
    Demonstrate a willingness to develop connections and promote the school in the wider community


What you will receive in return

A fulfilling role, advancing your professional career, at an authentic and accredited high quality education facility.

Amongst colleagues and peers, your passion for leadership within education will be supported and developed within the unique small Montessori community, and beyond.

You will be involved throughout the organisation from the classroom to the community.

This will not only provide you with an understanding of the schools philosophy in action, but also professional fulfilment.


Next Steps

Further information can be found www.southernmontessori.sa.edu.au or for questions contact Carmel Maher on president@southernmontessori.sa.edu.au

Submit your CV and a covering letter addressing the Key Selection Criteria to the Board secretary secretary@southernmontessori.sa.edu.au by Friday 30th August 2019





The Principal, as Chief Executive Officer, is appointed by and accountable to the Board of the Southern Montessori Education Centre Inc (the “Centre”).  The Principal is responsible for administering the educational and operational matters of the Centre in accordance with the policies set down by the Board.


  • Teaching experience in a collaborative, innovative and caring Primary and/or Middle School educational environment
  • Extensive experience in School leadership, administration and staff management roles
  • Extensive experience in providing clear communication to a broad range of interested parties.
  • Leadership, communication, motivation and team building skills
  • Strong interpersonal, relationship building and counselling skills to deal with a diverse community of interests and needs within the school
  • Ability to effectively impart knowledge to the school community
  • Ability to translate the vision for the school into practical day to day reality
  • Self-management attributes to achieve desired results
  • Knowledge of educational needs (in some combination of) preschool, primary and secondary students
  • Knowledge of current educational policies, innovations and trends within both SA and Australia


  • A working relationship with a School Board/Governing Council
  • Teaching Primary and/or Middle School students in a Montessori environment
  • Self-management attributes to identify areas for personal/professional growth and development
  • Knowledge of relevant Government policies and Statutory regulations, and the obligations associated with them including, but not limited to;
    • Work, Health and Safety
    • Duty of Care/Child protection
    • Non-government Schools Registration
    • Curriculum Implementation, Assessment and Standards
    • Work Place Relations
    • Discrimination and Disability
    • Food Safety
    • Privacy




The Principal, in conjunction with the Board, facilitates the development and implementation of the strategic direction of the Centre in keeping with Montessori Philosophy. The Principal creates a culture of support and collaboration within a learning community focused on continual improvement and positive growth.


The Principal keeps abreast of the latest research and developments in pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and student wellbeing. They also understand the practice and theory of contemporary leadership and apply that knowledge when managing staff, students and community


The Principal aims to build trust across the school community and create a positive learning atmosphere for students and staff. They regularly review their practice and implement change in their leadership and management approaches to suit the situation as is required.

This position requires a confident yet approachable individual ready to work with an established and passionate team of teachers and support staff.



Under each of the following areas is a range of possible activities in which the Principal might engage.


High quality teaching and learning will be developed, implemented and monitored. The essential skills for the Principal’s role will include:

  • Overseeing student development, health and welfare
  • Allocating students to classes consistent with policy guidelines in consultation with classroom teachers
  • Supporting and articulating a contemporary Montessori educational vision to the community with a focus on the student as an individual learner and person
  • Facilitating and promoting collective responsibility and accountability amongst staff for student achievement and wellbeing
  • Supporting the development of a contemporary, holistic, high quality curriculum within Montessori philosophy and legislative requirements
  • Providing for the diverse needs of students
  • Facilitating and overseeing appropriate assessment, reporting and evaluation processes
  • Building on the existing collaborative learning culture within the students and staff
  • Promoting and facilitating effective Montessori pedagogy for lifelong and life-wide learning
  • Supporting a safe learning environment


Through supporting others and building capacity, a professional learning community is developed that is focused on continuous improvement of teaching and learning. The Principal’s role includes:

  • Working effectively in close collaboration with other Leadership staff
  • Establishing processes to uphold and improve the well-being of staff and students
  • Engaging in succession planning and developing leadership potential
  • Supporting and mentoring staff
  • Assisting Leadership Team members with annual Goal Setting and Performance Reviews and monitoring results
  • Developing a culture of reflection, self-review and improvement within the school
  • Promoting and nurturing a collaborative culture of leadership within the school through regular leadership team meetings
  • Clearly communicating expectations to staff and providing support and guidance when necessary
  • Maintaining confidentiality in accordance with school policies
  • Engaging in ongoing learning to keep abreast of contemporary educational issues



Processes to manage the human, physical and financial resources are developed and maintained to support the effective delivery of educational programs. The Principal’s role will include:

  • Overseeing the development of the educational program offered by the school and, together with key subject teachers, implementing, reviewing and managing the delivery of the Montessori curriculum so that it meets the diverse needs of students
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of contemporary curriculum issues and ensuring that the required areas of learning, as prescribed by the Non-government Schools’ Registration Board, are being addressed within the Montessori context
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative policies and protocols including Student Protection, Code of Conduct and Workplace Health and Safety processes
  • Employing of all staff and undertaking staff reviews
  • Ensuring processes for the recruitment, selection and induction of staff comply with the Centre’s policies and all legislative guidelines and ensuring employment duties and conditions are understood and agreed to by staff
  • Managing staff and workplace practices effectively, determining staffing requirements and overseeing the day-to-day management of staff
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing staff professional development plans, with special reference to furthering the understanding and incorporation of Montessori principles as well as ensuring that staff remain abreast of developments in the broader education field.
  • Engaging staff, Parents & Friends (“P&F”) and Board in effective processes to appropriately allocate funds and resources
  • Overseeing budget processes and outcomes that model appropriate and sound stewardship practices
  • Directing school operations including areas such as:
    • staffing and administration; grounds and building maintenance, training and development, student enrolment, policy development and marketing and public relations
  • Ensuring the compilation and presentation of the various reports required by the Board as outlined in Board policies
  • Ensuring Board is made aware of any emerging issues which may have an impact on the Centre and which may require their consideration and input
  • Maintaining a close working relationship with the President of the Board
  • Participating in an active role at Board and sub-committee meetings
  • Preparing and/or overseeing the preparation and tracking of grant and funding applications
  • Developing and maintaining a sound understanding of Commonwealth and State funding issues and opportunities and ensuring that the various accountability requirements are being met.
  • Providing a leadership presence for the school community in relation to standards of behaviour and public speaking in order to promote and represent the school within the community
  • Establishing systems for data and record management and retrieval
  • Providing for appropriate risk management



Appropriate relationships are fostered and developed by the Principal with the school staff, students, P&F, School Board, parents and the wider community by:

  • Implementing systems as necessary for promoting the school to maintain/grow enrolments
  • Meeting prospective and new parents
  • Conducting pre-enrolment interviews and oversight of student enrolments
  • Establishing a good working relationship with the Association of Independent Schools (AISSA) including, where possible, attending relevant meetings and leadership seminars
  • Fostering good relationships with other Montessori organisations
  • Organising and maintaining the school’s internal and external communications i.e. bulletins, prospectus, website etc
  • Overseeing the School’s social media presence
  • Supporting parent activities (fundraising or otherwise)
  • Developing and fostering good relationships with the wider community
  • Liaising with relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies such as:
    • Department for Education & Child Development (DECD)
    • Education and Early Childhood Services Registration and Standards Board SA (EECSRSB)
    • Montessori Australia
    • AISSA
    • Office of Non-Government Schools and Services
    • Local Council



The Principal shall have control of and be responsible for the efficient running of the school, the administration of school funds, the maintenance of academic standards and the supervision and direction of staff and students at the school in accord with Southern Montessori Education Centre Inc. processes, policies and guidelines.

The Principal is responsible for the observance of all standards required for the Work Health and Safely Act, and for all matters pertaining to the safely of staff and students at school and on camps and excursions. The Principal is responsible for ensuring all legal obligations to students are met.



  • An attractive salary package will be offered
  • The salary package will be subject to an annual review
  • Annual Principal appraisals will be undertaken. The process of these appraisals will be determined by the Board in consultation with the Principal
  • Funding for appropriate Professional Development activities will be provided in consultation with the Board
  • The Principal will receive twenty days annual leave
  • The Principal may undertake work on behalf of the school away from the school site during periods of student vacations. This will be by agreement with the board
  • The Principal will receive ten days sick leave each year. Any unused sick leave will accrue
  • The Principal will be eligible for long service leave according to the Long Service Leave Act of South Australia