Cycle 2: Joanna (Wendy is on leave)

Wendy teaches a Cycle 2 class with Desiree as a classroom assistant. Our Cycle 2 classes are multi-age, allowing each child the opportunity to learn from others and the flexibility to develop, both socially and intellectually, at their own pace. While Wendy will often work with children individually or in small groups, Desiree is able to offer additional support in the classroom where it is most needed.

While children in our Cycle 2 classes will often participate in different learning experiences, the Cycle 2 teachers work closely together to ensure children experience a consistent approach to their Montessori education and shared expectations in terms of quality of work and behaviour. Children usually stay with the same teacher for three years, developing strong teacher-student relationships and a deep understanding by the teacher of individual student needs and abilities. Children also have the opportunity to work towards leadership roles and responsibilities within the classroom as they move through the cycle.

Kind regards, Wendy.