Preschool Programs

The Montessori Preschool is structured to facilitate children’s inquiring minds within a secure, family-like environment. Children are encouraged to construct their own understanding of concepts through their exploration and interaction with the Montessori learning materials.

preSnailThe Centre aims to foster a love of learning that will stay with the children throughout their lives.

To this end, the program is organised to enable children to access a wide variety of learning experiences.

The Montessori materials are carefully designed and researched to match the developmental needs and characteristics of children.

Self-discipline is fostered by engaging children in decision making, by encouraging task completion, and by creating a classroom climate where the right to learn is respected at all times.

The program aims to nurture:

-the growth of independence
-a strong interest in learning alongside good work habits
-a willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions

The Preschool is also a preparatory step into the Early Entry and Primary programs.

A variety of program options are available at the Preschool.

Morning Programs – 9.00 – 11.45

2 morning sessions – Monday & Tuesday
2 morning sessions – Wednesday and Thursday
4 morning sessions – Monday to Thursday

Afternoon Programs – 12.30 – 3.15

2 afternoon sessions – Monday & Tuesday
2 afternoon sessions – Wednesday & Thursday
4 afternoon sessions – Monday to Thursday

Full Day Programs – 9.00 – 3.15

2 full day sessions – Monday & Tuesday
2 full day sessions – Wednesday & Thursday
4 full day sessions – Monday to Thursday
1 full day session – Fridays (available to children in the 12 months prior to starting in Reception in addition to participating in either of the 2 full day programs.)

This program is for children aged 3 – 5 years. Please note that children must be toilet trained to be considered for this program.

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