Toddler Program

The Baby Steps and Toddler Programs provide a unique opportunity for parents and children to learn together in a Montessori environment, guided and supported by a trained coordinator.

Dr Maria Montessori developed her approach to education by observing children’s development during their early years. She believed that education begins at birth and that the first six years of life are critical for setting the foundation for their future learning and development. She observed that during these early years, children learn through their senses when their ability to absorb information is at its highest. These early years are therefore critical for the formation of positive attitudes towards learning.

The Montessori materials for this age are specifically designed to provide children with activities which:

-refine the senses
-promote language development
-heighten spatial awareness
-foster an understanding of mathematical concepts.

Through the Montessori practical life activities, the children will also be encouraged to develop skills, which will lead to greater independence. Baby Steps is designed for (approximately) the 8 months – 24 months child and Toddlers for 24 months – 3 year old child, accompanied by their parent/carer and are an ideal first step into the Montessori Preschool.