Southern Montessori School has a proud history of catering for the education of children from their toddler years through to a solid preparation for secondary school. In 2015, the school offered an Adolescent Program for students in Years 7 – 9, as we build towards a comprehensive Montessori Middle and Senior Secondary School in the southern suburbs.

timelineThe Southern Montessori Early Learning Centre provides 12 months to 5-year-olds with a wonderful start in life’s education journey.

In the Baby Steps Program (12 months – 20 months) and Toddler Program (20 months – 3 years), children and their parents learn together with a trained Montessori coordinator. Children use specially designed materials that help the children to refine their senses, promote language development, heighten spatial awareness and foster an understanding of mathematical concepts. The Montessori practical life activities also encourage the development of skills that lead to greater independence.

Our Preschool Program (3 – 5 years) aims to nurture the growth of independence, a strong interest in learning, good work habits and a willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Our classes are small and use teaching methods and materials inspired by the Montessori tradition. Each child’s natural instinct to learn and explore is strongly encouraged in a prepared environment providing a gentle, structured start to their education journey. Social interaction, cognitive development, creativity and physical development are all important components of the learning program.

Children making the transition from the Preschool Program to Reception are well prepared for the next phase of their learning. They are happy, confident and eager to learn. The Preschool is an outstanding preparatory step into our Montessori Reception and Primary programs.

Southern Montessori School (Reception – Year 6) by its very nature, focuses on the individual student. Our support staff and our teachers hold a teaching philosophy that encourages all children to develop to their full potential. They are a dedicated, very hard working team and hold the best interests of the children at the forefront of all that they do.

Cycle3CreekThe Adolescent Program (Years 7 – 9) builds on solid foundations of earlier school life where self-discipline, creativity, respect and independence have all been nurtured. The curriculum will engage students in practical, purposeful work that will foster a strong sense of belonging and community responsibility.

Our teachers are role models for the children and they are committed to nurturing and challenging each child as they strive to do their best. Leadership and social skills, emotional stability, artistic ability and a positive attitude to learning are all fostered within a Montessori learning environment.

Self-discipline and self-esteem are promoted and encouraged as the children develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, their place in the world. It is with this sense of awareness and skills developed over time that our children are both willing and able to make a positive contribution to their world.