5 Year Vision : Learning for Life

On Thursday 30th May, a volunteer group of parents, students and staff members considered what skills and dispositions for learning our children need to learn and develop to enable them to be happy and successful in the worlds they operate in, both now and in the future. Please see their ideas below.

We would love to have your input. Please read the ideas below and post a comment of your own. Do you agree? Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you.

WORLD OF WELLBEING AND HEALTH (dispositions & skills)
• Not being afraid to make mistakes, explore, step out of your comfort zone
• Informed evaluating and responding to risks
• Learning how to be happy as an evolving self
• Knowing how to self-evaluate
• Knowing how to navigate the financial works, invest, save, spend wisely, be independent and make decisions
• Knowing how listen to your body and know how it works
• Having life balance – looking after physical and mental wellbeing
• Respecting yourself
• Learning to negotiate peer pressure
• Self-love

WORLD OF THE NATURE (dispositions & skills)
• Caretaker/steward
• Inclusive
• Be resourceful
• Connected
• Empathetic
• Politically astute
• Respect, help, care and nourish flora and fauna

WORLD OF THE UNKNOWN (dispositions & skills)
• Problem identifier, definer and solution designer
• Learning how to take measured risks
• Having self-respect
• Knowing what my values are
• Having self confidence
• Finding balance
• Awareness/transparency
• Learning resilience
• Empowering of others
• Being aware of famous people/trends and the media
• Thinking outside the box
• Taking time to reflect and smell the roses in a fast paced life
• Choosing the life I want to go for:
• Teach me that not failing is bad
• Understand how I learn and grow
• a risk taker
• brave
• adaptable
• curious
• critical thinking

WORLD OF THE GLOBAL CITIZEN (dispositions & skills)
• Understanding cultural difference
• Activism
• Volunteering
• Community service
• Learning to focus on others and how I’ve made a difference
• Distinguishing fact from opinion
• Harmonise

• Knowing about finding a job where you can keep learning and enjoy learning
• Recognising what fulfills you personally and could involve a contributions to others and the community
• Understanding the role of work in providing for mental health – working hard and creating more choices for yourself
• Being able to embrace developments, open, fluid and willing to change
• Having a love of learning
• Knowing how to ask questions and not be afraid to that.
• Knowing how to respond to feedback
Skills in:
• Collaboration
• Creativity
• Teamwork
• Resilience
• Literacy and numeracy

WORLD OF FAMILY AND INTIMACY (dispositions & skills)
• Respect, gratitude and compromise
• Being inclusive
• Being a partner
• Accepting of others
• Not being selfish
• Being kind
• Understanding intimacy

WORLD OF MY PEERS (immediate/wider social groups/online ‘friends’) (dispositions & skills)
• Discovering what I am passionate about
• Learning how to accept myself and others
• Appreciating and valuing differences
• Assimilating the concept of balance
• Holding onto crystalised goals
• *It’s good to be told to go outside and leave your phone

WORLD OF COMMUNITY (sporting/cultural/spiritual/neighbourhood) (dispositions & skills)
Being :
• Respectful
• Team player
• Inclusive
• Engaging
• Adaptable
• Compassionate
• Understanding diversity
• Having awareness
• Negotiating skills
• Building and maintaining trust
• Respectful competition

WORLD OF THE VIRTUAL (dispositions & skills)
• Self-moderation/discipline
• Recognising when you are being manipulated
• Knowing how to protect self against manipulation
• Having balance
• Respecting and valuing self
• Managing my intellectual property and that of others
• Keeping safe
• Recognising authenticity
• Questioning and not taking things on face value
• Assessing risk
• Finding the positives in/getting the most out of the virtual world

WORLD OF MORALS & ETHICS (dispositions & skills)
• Having a growth mindset
• Knowing how to understand and modify your self-dialogue
• Living in a way that recognises your self-worth
• Having empathy
• Critical evaluation
• An awareness of one’s dreams and internal thinking
• Respecting others, their views and attitudes
• The place of religion in one’s life