Parents and Friends of Southern Montessori School

Parents and Friends of Southern Montessori School

Who are the Parents and Friends? (being updated)

The P&F is all about building a positive and engaging school community, having a lot of fun and along the way raising funds to further enrich our children’s learning experience.

Over the years the P&F has provided a diverse range of support materials, such as cameras for each classroom, activities for the preschool, a fridge for the middle school café, a PA system and playground and class room upgrades, just to name a few.

Equally important are all of the experiences that have been provided for our kids to have fun, learn and grow – disco’s, casual day BBQ’s, picnics, roller skating, the list goes on.

Keep an eye out in the School Bulletin for information and the School Calendar or School Star App for events.

2019 Plans

(being updated)


Lou Sturt
on behalf of the P&F Committee